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Arrive Ready to Play.

Invitation 1

Ready to round up a groups of friends, colleagues or team mates for an epic day of paintball adventure? We hope so and, in hoping, we’ve put together a few items that will help your day start off awesome and then get better.

Don’t arrive at the paintball centre and then have to stand about waiting for a spare spot on the registration table so you can each fill your registration forms in. Download the form here, get all your group to fill theirs in before leaving for the big day, and simply hand the forms to the waiting marshals. It saves you and us time on the day.

The map download below not only has the directions you need to find us, it also has a phone number to call just in case you took a wrong turn somewhere and need help getting back on track. Download and print it off and stick it in the car a few days prior just to be sure you have it.

Below you’ll also find parent information for those in charge of under 16 year olds and some invitations you can download and print out to send or hand out to your friends, family or workmates. It all helps to get and keep people hyped up for the day and make your job as group organiser so much easier.


Invitation 2