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The Stars Choose Delta Force!


When you are rich and famous you can do almost anything you want. And when you choose to do something, you choose the best available. The world’s top celebrities choose Delta Force when they decide a day of paintball is what they want.

Our ‘A list’ of celebrity customers has grown to epic proportions over many years. It’s comforting to know we are doing it right, proven by the repeated visits from celebs of both world acclaim and local heroes. Princes Harry and William have enjoyed their paintball with us on several occasions and even Formula One world champions Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton trust us to play with. As pictured, the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt chooses Delta Force Paintball because we provide a paintball experience he can’t get anywhere else. We could continue listing the names of soapie and movie stars, ‘A’ league sports teams and many more but you get the idea. When you can travel anywhere in the world to play paintball, you choose Delta Force.

We do, of course, try to make these celebrities feel as though they are special when they visit, which is an effort when we treat all our players like celebrities every day. We are immensely proud of the level of professionalism that we not only provide to all who come to play, but attracts so many famous faces because they know they are playing with the best. We offer the best safety standards, the best game zones, the best marshals, the best equipment, the best value and the best paintball experience.