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Paintball Fields

Paintball fields Strathmore, Calgary.

Located an easy 45 minutes from downtown Calgary, our amazing outdoor paintball centre at Strathmore has 6 game zones to play on with a host of movie-quality paintball props to play in and around.

Your epic paintball experience is heightened by the different strategical scenarios and objectives presented to your group each time you take the field for a thrilling round of paintball, Delta Force style. Professional staff are there to referee and guide. They will ensure your day is as safe as it is fun.

With every player offered our full face helmets, full length combat suits and body armour inclusive with your entry, you’ll play in confidence and without fear of injury or pain. Be a part of the greatest invasion of WW2 or any other war for that matter, storm the tropic thunder compound to rescue a colleague, jump the convoy to create a prison break or several other game maps designed to keep the excitement high and every player involved.

Winter is the enemy of paintball and other outdoor activities in this region of Canada. Luckily our state of the art facilities keep us operating longer into winter’s grasp due to our warming technologies and we open earlier each season than our competitors also. More paintball for you. Movie-set game zones, our world leading brand of paintball, you and your friends will combine to give deliver the paintball experience of a lifetime.

Advance at all cost. During World War 2, between June and August 1944, the largest invasion in war-time history of mainly marine and amphibious vehicles was in operation. This was the D-Day Landing. The liberation of western Europe began on the beaches of France as over 1 million allied troops landed on the beach heads and in a few short months…

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Tomb wars. The tribal ceremonials speak of the haunted graveyard. A place where the dead come alive and seek out human flesh to satisfy their lust for blood. The legend of a buried sacred treasure is the lure for those with desires to become rich in a hurry. You’ve never been one to believe in such…

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Save the innocent. Justice has not been done and now the Department of Corrections are sending an innocent man to the death chamber. That man is your long time friend and you can not stand by and let this happen. You’ve exhausted all legal avenues of appeal. Now it’s time for the last resort. You…

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Getting the shaft. The gold rush is gaining momentum and a sudden influx of gold diggers has the long term prospectors up in arms. The new arrivals are encroaching on existing digger’s territory and even claim jumping. The long term guys have had enough and are forming a mob to run these new people out…

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Chemical warfare. As part of Tactical Response, you and your highly trained team mates have been sent to save the city’s fuel and chemical storage facility. Other teams have been dispatched to many other vital locations around the city also. Your team is well trained and has years of experience together. You’ve responded to all manner…

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Did someone call “Action”? As the rumble of tropic thunder rips across the sky an explosion tears the jungle ahead apart. The director of this movie has literally just gone up in smoke. What the hell is going on? That was not in the script you read! This was supposed to be a simple weeks…

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