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Tomb wars.

The tribal ceremonials speak of the haunted graveyard. A place where the dead come alive and seek out human flesh to satisfy their lust for blood. The legend of a buried sacred treasure is the lure for those with desires to become rich in a hurry.

You’ve never been one to believe in such nonsense but the thought of everlasting wealth from one days work is too much to ignore. Now you are here and staring across the void to the rows of huge grave stones, you can feel the tension and something evil in the air. The graveyard looks quiet but you now know there’s a resident evil living here. You look around at the frightened faces of your group and realise it’s not just your skin that crawling in fear.

A last check of weaponry, and it’s time to advance. Will you become rich beyond your wildest dreams? Or will you become dead beyond your scariest nightmares?

Paintball Fields