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Dependable and Accurate.

Ft 12 Illustration-01

Providing customers with high performance and reliable paintball guns is often an area where a paintball games provider may choose to save money. For Delta Force Paintball however, we definitely believe in fully examining the cost benefits of such equipment. Players who have thoroughly enjoyed the day is a benefit we strive for in every way, so we are not going to let the paintball guns we hire adversely affect this strategy.

Leading Brands

There are many brands and models to choose from for the rental market. We choose to look to the top names in the industry to supply our gun requirements. What appear to be more expensive options are often cost savings, when all the various elements of running a paintball capable of entertaining hundreds of players at a time, is taken into consideration.

Benefits of the FT-12

For our Strathmore centre, we have chosen the FT 12 paintball marker by Tippmann. This is one of the more striking looking paintball guns available to us. The FT-12 is robust weapon with good balance. The quickfire trigger and handle design suits both the first time player as well as the weekend warriors. This choice performs well in the climate within which we are expecting it to operate and will maintain accuracy and reliability throughout a day’s use.

For us, as the owner of these paintball guns, the ease of maintenance and minimal contaminant intrusion are two very important benefits that are cost saving in themselves. A cheaper gun may appear a good choice initially but will prove more costly in the long run and will not give the player experience we expect from our equipment.

The FT-12 is a semi-auto paintball gun that will encourage the player to take on our game zone scenarios with confidence. When you are about to launch yourself into the face of the enemy from the D-Day Landing craft or perhaps unleash all hell on the terrorists in the fuel depot, this is your best friend and very unlikely to let you down.

Yet another important piece of the equipment and systems Delta Force Paintball employs to stay well ahead of the competition and provides the most professional level of paintball to the masses.