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Paintball protection for your neck.

Although there are many options for paintball combat style suits, Delta Force Paintball noticed a weakness is the off the shelf offerings. We felt this weakness was significant enough to warrant solving in the interest of increasing the safety of our players. Everybody who has had a paintball slam into their neck or throat will be quick to admit that it definitely should be avoided if possible. And possible it certainly is with our custom designed neck collar.

360 degrees of padding

What started as a thought to simply create a padded protection item became a full on design project to design our own custom combat suit. Starting from the neck, we looked closely at where full head masks stopped protecting the wearer. We realised that the solution was simple and could not be ignored. The result is a high reaching, thickly padded collar that closes fully around your neck and throat. The padded collar is integrated into our custom designed combat suit to provide the best paintball suit hire option anywhere.

If you been reading through our equipment pages, you’ll be well aware that our commitment to our player’s paintball protection is beyond that of any other paintball games operator. With several items of safety designed and manufactured specifically for, or by us, it’s easy to see how we achieve and set benchmarks in safety.

Bullet-proof vests for paintball are another Delta Force initiative to complement our combat suit and neck protection and you can read about those on our paintball armour page.