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Full Head Paintball Masks.

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Any fear of being shot in the head or face is eliminated at Delta Force Paintball with the inclusion of full head paintball masks, free with your entry fee for the day. Part of a complete safety ensemble, we have constantly improved design of our various equipment to better form an overall, symbiotic protective barrier.

Operating for well over 25 years delivering the world’s safest paintball experience is no accident. We have often been unsatisfied with the available safety equipment options on offer to all paintball operators and, in turn, to their customers. Improving the safety for our own players, as well as setting standards for the industry to emulate have been the driving force behind our research and development. To this end, we have often commissioned changes, from our suppliers, to existing designs. Taking that to a new level, our latest full head paintball masks have been completely designed by us to exceed all paintball safety standards, and performance requirements, within the rental mask market. With over 6 million players through our centres so far, and the numbers each year steadily growing, we consider the huge investment in time and finances to be well spent. Protecting our impeccable and unmatched safety record is worth the expenditure. Our players agree.

Player comfort

After satisfying the necessary impact requirements for paintball, our mask design then focused on player comfort. Most rental paintball masks supplied around the world put little priority into the comfort factor needed by a player for several hours of combat over the day. Our design is not only very lightweight, it is also nicely pliable without any compromise to it’s primary function of stopping paintball hits to the face and head. Various rental masks use a variety of foams and plastics, and many of these are not comfortable at all. Ours use a soft foam strategically placed to aid in keeping the mask in place during rigorous missions and keep the experience as pleasurable as possible.


Also important in a paintball mask is the vision. Our masks are designed around the best lenses available today. Giving a wide field of view (so important on the battlefield), clarity and resistant to fogging up, were all paramount when choosing the right lens to benefit our players most. Not all clear plastics are created equal of course, and those with inferior surfaces are quick to collect contaminants that encourage misting or dirt and smudges. We chose carefully to ensure optimum visual clarity and maximum impact protection.

Air flow

Ventilation isn’t just a matter of cutting holes in the protective structure of the mask, although clearly, some manufacturers think so. The way air is influenced through the inner mask has a huge impact of player comfort as well as aiding the anti-fog capabilities also. A player’s breath, how air enters, circulates and exits are all necessary considerations when creating maximum ventilation and flow, without compromising the integrity of the mask. We conducted extensive field testing of our design, along with comparison tests with existing rental masks, to be certain the improvement was substantial.

360 degree protection

Although at Delta Force Paintball we employ a rule that excludes shots to the head from counting, our mask design still very much caters for those stray or misguided shots that find your head and neck region. For this reason the outer shell not only covers the jaw line fully, it also includes an adjustable rear plate in case you get shot from behind. More than that, we adjusted the design of the neck padding on our camouflaged combat suit to blend it’s protection in with that of the mask. This symbiosis protection system completely keeps your head and neck safe.

As you can see, the most technologically advanced rental paintball masks available today are not simply the product of change for the sake of change. Every aspect has been carefully researched, designed and chosen to bring new levels of comfort and usability to the wearer. This gives the visiting players to Delta Force Paintball the greatest amount of comfort and confidence to storm the prison buses, attack the beach head or breach the enemy compound.

100% Safety Record

Paintball masks are the single most important item of safety equipment and we clearly take this more seriously than any other paintball games provider.

FAQs on paintball masks:

Q: Why are we the only ones to design their own full head masks?

A: Mostly it’s about cost and the amount of players a paintball centre handles. Being the world’s largest paintball games provider, by a very big margin, puts us in a unique position. No other company talks of player numbers in terms of millions. Most can only claim thousands at best and, as a result, they don’t have the capital to invest in such a venture and most don’t recognise the need. We believe, safety is important even for a single player, let alone 6 million.

Q: How important are these masks for younger players?

A: The little ones rely on those caring for them to provide protection because they are not capable of recognising or avoiding many dangers themselves. This is true around their own home and also true on a paintball field. Our new design comes with a high range of adjustability and special padding foam for youngsters to prevent the mask from moving around on them. The top of the mask and internal features prevent the mask from slipping down and our marshals constantly check fitment to prevent the mask being lifted accidentally or by a forgetful child.

Q: Will these masks make me hot?

A: Our masks have had extensive design testing as described above to be sure they not only provide maximum air flow, it exceeds competitors brands. The result is that our masks are better ventilated than older designs you get to use elsewhere.

Q: What about fogging?

A: Again the extreme measures to ensure the industry’s best rental mask has resulted in reducing the risk of fogging up greatly. Also mentioned above in more detail, the lenses themselves are resistant to fogging. If however the weather conditions are beyond any anti-fog capabilities of a paintball mask, you can grab a de-mist solution available at the base camp kiosk. We think of everything.