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Paintball Armoured Protection.

Body armour Illustration-01

The largest target area a player is likely to present to any enemy paintballer is the torso. Encompassing both the chest and back of your body, it would be nice to have extra padding to stop any potentially painful strikes to sensitive parts in this region. And so, free with your entry to our centres, we issue our custom designed paintball armour to cover that need. Like other unique items in our safety equipment ensemble, Delta Force Paintball has employed many years of experience and research into designing and then commissioning the manufacture of these tactical team styled vests.

Light and breathable

We’ve thought hard about the player requirements such a piece of safety equipment might need to fulfil. Clearly it’s primary role in your paintball protection armoury is to stop paintballs from hurting or leaving marks. However, it also mustn’t take away the trepidation or surprise of being struck by a paintball, as that’s a large part of the excitement of playing this thrilling sport. Low weight is also an important factor so as not to interfere with your movement or energy levels. Finally, an ability to allow heat escape is also critical. The materials used in the construction then need to be specifically suited to this list of specifications. Foam was the obvious choice but just any foam wouldn’t do of course. We had to find a foam that carried not only low memory but was also resistant to the impacts of incoming shots and pliable enough to not cause comfort issues. On top of that the foam needed to be hygienic, resistant to holding moisture and fully washable. By combining such a foam (and having it produced with breathing holes throughout), and securing it in place behind a fully breathable mesh, we were able to meet these initial objectives.

Moulding to your needs

Our body armour has been designed to incorporate a multi-faceted plate system. These foam plates are created and stitched into place so as to move independently from each other. This retains the ability to mould around your torso. Elastic strapping allows the vest to adjust to your movements while remaining in place.


Your body armour vest is issued to you for the entire day if you need. As with other items in the safety ensemble we provide, such as the masks, the paintball armour is submerged in a solution at days end to clean and make the item fully hygienic for the next day.

Free to all

Although some competitors have lesser quality, off the shelf vests, they are usually only offered to female players. At Delta Force Paintball, we want all our players to enjoy the confidence gained when wearing this favoured item. Therefore, young or old, male or female, you get these offered to you free with your entry fee. It’s not a compulsory piece of kit but it sure nice to know it’s doing it’s job as you break cover and storm the enemy’s stronghold in a hail of paint bullets!