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Paintball Calgary

Weekend Warriors


Weekend warriors belong.

Although average joes make up the majority of our players each week, we do get what we call our weekend warriors as well. We always welcome our regular weekend warriors because their passion is infectious and they provide a new level of play for those talented newcomers as well. So, what is a weekend warrior exactly?

A weekend warrior often owns at least some of their own paintball gear. Those who don’t own their gear usually take advantage of our low cost upgrade equipment and guns to increase their game enjoyment. Weekend warriors play paintball with us with some regularity and enjoy returning to play against new people and try out new strategies on game zones and scenarios simply not available elsewhere.

Is this you? Have you been bitten and smitten by the paintball bug and long to get out on the paintball battlefields as often as possible? If you and your weekend warrior mates haven’t visited Delta Force Paintball yet to try out your combat prowess then lock and load and get booked in right away. Our specific mission objectives provide great challenges.


Don’t want our marshals bothering you out there in the trenches? No problem, they are skilled in assessing who needs help or whether you are likely to enjoy a few odds stacked against you. We are there to help, not hinder after all.

Another appealing feature for weekend warriors playing at a Delta Force Paintball centre is that our game maps are well thought out, professionally built battlefields. Each field has specific structure placement with game playability high on the priority list from the moment the layout is first discussed. We don’t just randomly scatter about some hay bales, old cars or a bunch of pallets. Every building and it’s entrances and exits are placed to enhance the game scenarios and objective unique to that game zone. Every barricade, prop or structure is where it is for a reason. You also won’t spend large amounts of time in thick bush unable to find the enemy or acquiring targets. Our Strathmore centre is one designed to provide constant enemy engagement and therefore maximum opportunities to add notches to your belt.

Whether you are already an experienced weekend warrior, or just know you have one coursing through your veins, get your like-minded friends together, book in and come down and see how you go with our D-Day Landing, Tropic Thunder POW camp and other cool game maps.