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Paintball Calgary

Average Joes Playing Paintball


Who’s playing paintball?

At Delta Force Paintball the answer is simply almost everybody! Because our brand of paintball is recreational more than competition, we suit a very wide demographic of player. And because we supply the highest quality and most suitable equipment and paintball guns to all our players, everyone has a great chance out there in combat. Add to that our marshals, who must pass stringent training and performance benchmarks, and every player finds they are not at a disadvantage no matter who they are. We have people from all age groups, body shapes, sizes and fitness levels come to play. Our marshals are expert in making sure they all get what they need from the day of paintball with us.

Although we have some people we call weekend warriors who return often, and sometimes own their own paintball equipment, our marketing tends to attract the average joes most of all. And what is an average joe exactly? As described above the average joes come in all types. These players are not paintball fanatics and are often first time or very occasional players. They are kids as young as 10 years old or grandparents well into their senior years. They are boys and girls, men and women. They are the people you see around your town, shopping centres or walking paths.


Out on the fields our marshals are always there to offer advice and share hints and tactics to those who want to hear or need help. Marshals will even provide extra challenges for the experience players by helping the new comers even up the game. Everybody gets to enjoy our brand of paintball whether you are visiting for your one and only time or you’ve been to play with us before.

As an average joe we don’t expect you to arrive fully versed in the game of paintball. We will not shove a gun in your hand and expect you to learn fast or die a colourful paintball death. Before you even set foot on our paintball battlefields you will enjoy a brief lesson on safety and the equipment we have issued to you. You’ll even get a chance to fire off a few shots in our practice range before you launch into combat on our amazing game zones against an enemy who shoots back. Our marshals are always close by to help you if need help in any way and they will fully explain all the rules before you start each game.

It’s very satisfying to every marshal to see the players in their charge morph from intrepid civilian to a paintball fighting machine over the course of a day. They revel in seeing players having the time of their lives. Average joes playing paintball are the life-blood of our centres and nobody caters to them better than Delta Force Paintball.

Who’s playing paintball with Delta Force? People just like you.