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Paintball Calgary


Playing With The World’s Largest Paintball Company

Come and play with Delta Force Paintball and be blown away by our amazing movie-set game zones and incredible equipment. You and your friends will have the time of your lives as you attempt to defend the crypt, storm the ancient pyramid and free your comrades from the warring villagers. Whether you bring your friends,…

Paintball Tactics

A day of paintball is fun, competitive and adventurous. It also requires a good strategy in order to be victorious. It is similar to a game of chess; you need the ability to predict the opposition’s next move, to stay aware of the situation at hand and react to any sudden changes to your surrounding…

Calgary’s Turn For World Class Paintball

19 March 2016 is set as the opening date for Canada’s newest paintball adventure centre. Boasting 6 game maps (zones) ready to go (and room to add more), this new paintballing centre is the work of the world’s largest paintball games provider, Delta Force Paintball. Located at Strathmore, around 45 mins from Calgary, Delta Force…