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19 March 2016 is set as the opening date for Canada’s newest paintball adventure centre. Boasting 6 game maps (zones) ready to go (and room to add more), this new paintballing centre is the work of the world’s largest paintball games provider, Delta Force Paintball. Located at Strathmore, around 45 mins from Calgary, Delta Force has gone to great lengths to make this new centre something unique for the greater Calgary paintball community. Having paintball centres on 4 of 7 continents gives the company an extensive resource base to draw from. The benefit for players is a paintball centre that can not only entertain players of all legal ages, but accomplishes this at levels of professionalism well above most other operators.

The Delta Force Paintball Strathmore site features a set of commercially constructed playing fields, many of which are themed from well known big screen movies. The players will be engaging in at least two missions on each of these fields which will involve working with their team mates to achieve, secure, locate or overcome an itinerary of challenges and objectives. This highly structured game-play on professionally built, movie quality game zones is the corner stone of the Delta Force Paintball experience. Like all other Delta Force Paintball centres, the players will be outfitted with a full ensemble of safety equipment, much of which is unique to Delta Force, free with their entry fee. Each player will given full instruction on the day before being issued a top of the line rental gun (also free for the day) and assigned professional marshaling staff to referee the games. All of this amounts to an exciting outdoor activity which is safer than most ball sports played on sports fields and courts.

With the first day of operation approaching quickly, the crew out there at Strathmore are busy preparing the base camp to cater for anything from a few, through to hundreds of players at a time. Final touches to the centre are being implemented so that when the first batch of lucky players arrive, they’ll have everything from brand new picnic tables to sit at, through to toilets, a kiosk and protection from the elements.

Booking has already opened to come and play at Delta Force Paintball Strathmore and it would appear that having a new choice of paintball provided by the world’s only global paintball company is something that appeals to both paintballers and those looking for an exciting way to spend a day outside with family, friends and work colleagues.

To secure a spot on the opening weekend or any time after, simply call the paintball event coordinators day or night on 1-800-568-8909 and they’ll help you to organise your day.



Posted in News, Uncategorized on 16th March 2016

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