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A day of paintball is fun, competitive and adventurous. It also requires a good strategy in order to be victorious. It is similar to a game of chess; you need the ability to predict the opposition’s next move, to stay aware of the situation at hand and react to any sudden changes to your surrounding environment.

It is in these unpredictable and uncertain times when a good strategy is needed most. But it is more than just having a good strategy and solid tactics that (on paper) should win you the game.


From your group of comrades (previously known as friends) you need to choose a leader. This can change with each scenario you play but it needs to be someone who has the confidence to keep a level-head, yet not be too ambitious; and someone who can stick to a plan but think quick if things go wrong.

The next part of your strategy is about your team. There are many things that you and your team can do before the start of the game to greatly increase your chances of winning. It is important to have a battle plan and here are some handy tactics that can help you put together an effective strategy:

– Analyse the game zone, pick out the high points and think about where the enemy are likely to go.

– Every team has (or at least needs) attackers and defenders. Pick who will be doing what and stick to it.

– Communication is key. Speak to each other, use hand signals and do whatever you need to communicate with your team members.

– Have fun, laugh about it and enjoy yourself.

These are just a few of the many tactics that will help your chances of being victorious on your next paintball adventure.

Whatever the result, be sure to get out there and have a good time! To get the process started, contact one of our friendly event coordinators today.

Posted in News on 15th June 2016

Last updated 31st January 2024