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Paintball Calgary

Hen Parties


Paintball hen parties? Seriously?

It’s probably a given that you’re hen party will consist of yet another drink party, talking dirty with the girls, singing along to music and watching a few movies. Fair enough, it’s a tradition and a good way to spend a night with your friend who is getting married soon. But how about leading into that evening of fast food, sweets and tequila by making some memories you’ll not only remember the next day (the evening will be but a blur the next day), but for a lifetime? Memories that will bring back the laughter of the day over and over as you re-tell of the group’s exploits. If you are Maid of Honour then it’s your duty, yes?

And yep, we are talking about paintball. Girls play too! In fact, girls make up quite a large number of our player demographics in these days of state of the art safety equipment. Canadian women are no exception to this either. The outdoors is in every Canadian’s blood.


You’re worried about bruises right? Don’t be. For starters, they are temporary. Secondly, they are rare when you play with Delta Force Paintball due to our industry leading safety equipment you all get free with your entry fee. Aside from full head masks and full body combat suits if you want them, you get to wear our custom designed body armour for free with your entry. It’s like a bullet-proof vest for paintballs. No pain. No marks. Our game rules are also designed with maximum safety and fun in mind. No shooting another player in the head, no shooting when inside of 3 metres as examples. With a 100% safety record, you can come with the confidence of knowing you are safer playing paintball with Delta Force than you are playing netball!

Boys play too rough? Nope, not with us. Our professionally built paintball game zones and cleverly thought out scenarios are a great equaliser. Girls are not disadvantaged in paintball with us. In fact, a little less testosterone can be a distinct advantage at times. You knew that anyhow though right? Our marshals are highly trained also, and they keep things both exciting and safe making certain all players, male and female, are enjoying their day, all day.

But you’ve maybe seen pics of girls playing in costumes, dresses or even bikinis. What about that? As long as you wear the compulsory paintball masks and enclosed footwear you are pretty much free to wage paintball war at Delta Force Paintball wearing whatever you wish as long as it’s not completely obscene. It’s all about you and your group making the bride to be’s day out truly off the charts awesome so go right ahead. Chip in and buy her a onesie when you arrive at our centre or all front up looking like Charlie’s Angels, Hells Angels, zombies, superheroes or whatever else you can think of to make the day that much more fun.

Delta Force has had quite a few hen parties over the years so our marshals are always keen to help you create an unforgettable day for the bride to be. We’ll be sure to shower her with some special attention and maybe a few extra challenges throughout the day as well. Rest assured, she won’t go unnoticed.

No way are you going to share the evening with the guys of course, but it sure would be fun to shoot them a hundred or so times before the sun goes down right? Maybe give thought to convincing the stag’s best man into bringing the targets guys along to join the girls for the days paintball. No matter what you choose, and you get home, have a shower and head out for an evening of dance and secret women’s things, you’ll have a host of fun stories to keep the night rolling from an amazing day on our battlefields.

You can call our friendly event coordinators 24/7 to get more info or book in the best hen party day on the planet.

Please note: No illicit drugs or alcohol are allowed by law on paintball centres.