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Paintball Calgary

Corporate Groups


Building a better team.

A happy team is a productive team. When your staff members are not happy productivity slows and their behaviour is characterised by constant sick days, excuses and lack lustre performance. They can even become disgruntled and anti-social around work mates. Keeping your staff happy can involve everything from a good pay packet, providing the right resources for their work duties to supplying a well earned drink each month or the occasional BBQ perhaps.

Taking it up a level to secure a higher return of loyalty might involve an external activity of some description. Coming up with such corporate party ideas can be difficult but it is well documented that this effort results in great staff motivation. But what activities are best?




Go-karting and other competitive activities are popular choices and will earn some points from your team for sure. However, if there was an activity that not only provided the fun and competition, but also nurtured strong team work, as specific objectives and challenges were worked towards and achieved, you’d choose that wouldn’t you? Having your workforce working together, forming strategies, allies and exhibiting leadership qualities is something activities such as go-karting can’t provide. Paintball with Delta Force, however, certainly can.

We understand

Our brand of paintball fits into corporate motivational strategies extremely well. As the world’s only global paintball games provider, and by far the largest, we are a serious corporate entity ourselves. We understand the needs that the employers of multi-staff enterprises have, and the challenges they face in keeping their workforce cohesive and unified. With literally thousands of employees ourselves, we are well adversed in the art of team bonding, incentives and rewarding our staff for reaching their key performance indicators and deadlines. For these reasons, a day of corporate paintball is easily provided to your group, large or small, and produces huge rises in the professional commitment of every staff member. We can’t think of many other activities that not only provide a thrilling day out, but also yields such beneficial positives to a company in the process.

Who uses our corporate services?

So what kind of corporate entities use Delta Force paintball for this purpose? We get everybody from professional sporting companies such as the Mercedes Formula One team through to the likes of the Edmonton Eskimo Football Club using our facilities for team bonding and rewards for a long hard season. We get the casts from various television shows choose us for a corporate day out. We’ve had security companies use our paintball centres for both training purposes as well as rewards for their hard working guards. Small and large business have found a day with Delta Force Paintball a very productive activity for their employees due to our structured and professionally delivered game play. This is where we know we have a distinct point of difference from our competitors. It’s not an all in brawl with paintball guns with us. It’s specific roles and challenges that require solid team work to achieve, all under the supervision and guidance of professionally trained marshals and managers who themselves are working to specific KPI’s and competence requirements.

Future benefits

The flow on from the day is obvious also. The appreciation factor alone is almost palpable. Activities like go-karting are usually talked about for minutes afterwards and met with disinterest by many who weren’t there. Paintball, on the other hand, is met more with questions and genuine interest. “How was it? Why were you there? Was it fun? You did what?” Questions that your excited staff will gladly answer and explain the fascinating roles and scenarios they were placed in and how they went about achieving their goals throughout the day. Re-counting the days events will pop up at many future meetings and bring the lessons back to the surface once more.

Safety concerns

The personal safety of all your employees is also assured with our industry best safety policies and safety equipment you’re people will be issued upon arrival. Full head masks and full length combat suits are complimented with our custom-designed body armour; a bullet-proof vest equivalent for paintball. A corporate day with us is not about sending your people back work sore and bruised. It’s about limiting those things and maximising the positives your team can take away and apply to their daily work tasks.

Your call

If you want to motivate your team, strengthen their relationships and build confidence in their abilities to achieve and think outside of their comfort zones, then look no further than a corporate day out with Delta Force Paintball.